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Architectural and Landscaping Products

Aztec Plastic Park Furnishings

Awards Certificate Holders and Trophies

Promotional and Imprinted Products

Recycling Containers

Wholesale Gifts and Souvenirs

Custom Fabrication and Manufacturing

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Architectural and Landscaping Products

Bollards, Flat Top Plastic

Landscape Timbers, Plastic

Lumber, Aztec Plastic

Parking Blocks, Plastic


Aztec Plastic Park Furnishings

Bench, Aluminum Frame

Bench, Flat Aluminum Frame

Bench, Steel Frame

Bench, Flat Steel Frame

Chair, Aluminum Frame

Picnic Table, Handicap

Picnic Table, Steel Frame

Trash Receptacle


Awards Certificate Holders and Trophies

Awards, Glass

Awards, Icelandic, Glass

Certificate Holders, Paper Straw

Plaque, Acrylic

Trophy, Acrylic

Additional Awards Certificate and Trophies Products


Promotional and Imprinted Products

Bank, Mini Bin Desk Bin

Beverage Easy Open Pop Top, Plastic

Clipboards, Plastic

Clips, Magnetic, Plastic

Clips, Multi-Purpose Plastic

Clocks, Thermometer Plastic

Coaster, Blue Jean

Coaster, Money

Coaster, Newspaper

Coaster, PET

Coaster, Plastic

Coaster, Yellow Pages Plastic

Coffee Mug, Blue Jean

Coffee Mug, Money

Coffee Mug, Newspaper

Coin Case Round, Recovered Plastic

Desk Bin, Dumpster

Desk Bin, Mini

Dog Bowl, Plastic

Dust Pan, Plastic

Envelope, Plastic

Flower Pot Small, Money

Fly Swatter Small, Plastic

Flyer Small, Recovered Plastic

Folders, Conference Pad Holder

Folders, Plastic

Ice Scraper, Blue Jean

Ice Scraper, Money

Ice Scraper, Newspaper

Ice Scraper, Yellow Pages Plastic

Jaws Clip, Large Plastic

Jaws Clip, Magnetic Plastic

Jaws Clip, Plastic

Key Holder, Plastic

Key Rings, Dumpster

Key Rings, Mini Bin

Key Rings, Roll Cart

Key Tag, Blue Jean

Key Tag, Money

Key Tag, Newspaper

Key Tag, PET

Key Tag, Yellow Pages Plastic

Magnets Full Color, Vinyl and Steel

Megaphone, Plastic

Memo Note Holder, Money

Memo Note Holder, Newspaper

Memo Note Holder, Yellow Pages Plastic

Memo Note Holders, Plastic

Mug, Blue Jean

Mug, Money

Mug, Newspaper

Note Holders, Plastic

Pail, 3.5 Gallon Plastic

Pencil/School Box, Plastic

Pencils, Bent Blue Jean and Currency

Pencils, Blue Jean

Pencils, Golf Blue Jean

Pencils, Currency

Pencils, Denim

Pencils, Money

Pencils, Golf Money

Pencils, Newspaper and Cardboard

Pencil Holder, Roll Cart

Pens, Color Paper Fiber Retractable

Pens, Paper Fiber Retractable

Pet Dish, Large Plastic

Picture Frame, Blue Jean

Picture Frame, Money

Picture Frame, Newspaper

Picture Frame, Yellow Pages Plastic

Piggy Bank, Blue Jean

Piggy Bank, Money

Piggy Bank, Yellow Pages Plastic

Pitcher, Plastic

Plaque, Acrylic

Rain Gauges, Plastic

Rulers, All

Ruler, Acrylic

Ruler, Blue Jean

Ruler, Money

Ruler, Newspaper

Ruler 12 Inch, Recovered Plastic

Rulers 6 inch, Yellow Pages Plastic

Rulers 12 inch, Yellow Pages Plastic

Snow Scraper, Blue Jean

Snow Scraper, Money

Snow Scraper, Newspaper

Snow Scraper, Yellow Pages Plastic

Stein, Plastic

Sun Catchers, Glass

Switch Plate, Plastic

Thermometers, Plastic

Totes, Plastic

Trophy, Acrylic

Visor, Blue Jean

Visor, Money

Visor, Newspaper

Visor, Yellow Pages Plastic

Additional Promotional and Imprinted Products


Recycling Containers

Cardboard Containers, Deep Capacity Letter Size Tray

Cardboard Containers, Desk Top Tray

Cardboard Containers, Duo File

Cardboard Containers, Large Recycle Box

Cardboard Containers, Medium Recycle Box

Recycling Containers

Additional Recycling Containers Products


Wholesale Gifts and Souvenirs

General Gift

Home Decor

Jewelry & Apparel Accessories






Custom Fabrication and Manufacturing

Plastic Die Cutting

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Molding


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